About Elliotts' Rectory Farm

The Elliotts have farming in their blood on both sides of the family.  On one side we are several generations on from tenants that farmed what is now Abington Park in Northampton!  The other side of the family were originally tenant farmers in Edale, Derbyshire.  Despite being a Liverpool city boy, those farming roots were alive and well, bringing Gary Elliott to Moulton College. Another person who came to Northamptonshire and never left!

Gary and Clodagh started the Grindsbrook Dairy Herd from scratch in 1973 at Rectory Farm, just outside Moulton.  At that time it was just a group of unused farm buildings and a very tired old farmhouse. The pit for the milking parlour was dug out by hand and 6 dairy cows were purchased.

Through dedication and excessively hard work they built it into a 100 strong milking herd. After 45 years of bringing milk to our tables the herd was sold to facilitate retirement, but it soon became clear that farmers never retire!


Gary getting Sarah to appreciate the Great Outdoors from a young age!

So, in order to keep the newly retired farmer occupied (and to satisfy eldest daughter Sarah’s mid-life crisis!) a vintage caravan was rescued from obscurity.  Those niche farming skills were put to use converting the caravan (now named ‘Betty’) and Brew Cafe was born!

Brew’s popularity surprised us and revealed that we are not the only ones who appreciate the beauty of the Northamptonshire countryside.  This, combined with our own love of camping and a desire to welcome people, led to the idea of Glamp, a place where you can enjoy the slower pace of life that comes with camping without sacrificing the luxuries! 

Sarah & Gary on the steps to the camping hut - Taken by Kirsty Edmonds

But why stop there?! The Elliotts are renowned for putting on a good party and it would be rude not to share this talent with the local community!  Sharing our love of having a good time has morphed into Elliotts’ Rectory Farm Events!

Hannah and Sarah at Elliotts' Rectory Farm

Eldest daughter Sarah and her partner Hannah, are the driving force behind the new ventures at Rectory Farm, making it a desirable place for folk to enjoy spending time whilst still being a working farm.  After the departure of the dairy cows, the farm was enrolled into an environmental scheme.  Half the farm now grows wild bird seed and nectar flowers, to encourage biodiversity, and the other half continues to be pasture, currently grazed by our neighbour’s sheep and cattle.

There is already a plethora of wildlife at Elliotts’ Rectory Farm, including breeding Red Kites, Buzzards, Kestrels, Little Owls and loads of hares.  We’re looking forward to seeing how many new species become evident as the environmental scheme progresses.