‘Betty’ Brew is lovingly converted 1960s caravan given a new lease of life as a mobile cafe. We aim to provide quality beverages and home baked treats in a beautiful setting, encouraging people into the countryside.

Opening Hours

‘Betty’ Brew is now only open at Elliotts’ Rectory Farm’s events as, sadly, not enough people have been walking the footpaths to stay open every weekend. However, she is willing to go to private and community events if invited!

Brew can also be hired as part of your own private event at Elliotts’ Rectory Farm.

We are to sure to have ‘pop-up’ Brew openings so please keep an eye on @brewcaravan on FB/Instagram or check below:

Pop-up Brew: Sunday 4th November, 10am-4pm

The Perfect Brew

We’re passionate about providing the perfect brew.  In our experience tea shops don’t make great coffee and coffee shops make terrible tea!  We’ve also discovered that coffee really isn’t as complicated as it’s made out to be.  When you come to Brew you can see our Brew Guide to Posh Coffee that takes the intimidation out of names such as Flat White and Espresso Macchiato! We also make a Proper Cup of Tea, letting it brew for a decent length of time and making sure you get the perfect amount of milk added.  Tea is very personal!

Home Baked Treats

We also make delicious plain but tasty treats (who has the time to make things pretty?!) We make classics such as Lemon Drizzle Cake and Ginger Cake (from Mum’s secret recipe!) and more modern bakes such as Biscoff & White Chocolate Blondie. There’s usually at least one savoury offering for those rare creatures who don’t like cake(!). We’re always experimenting in the kitchen so keep an eye on social media for seasonal specials!

Free From Options

We also want to make sure as few people are excluded from a treat as possible, so nearly everything is dairy free, some are gluten free, some are vegan and some are all of the above!  The specially created Peanut & Choc Crunch is gluten free, vegan and apparently addictive!

We also offer four non-dairy milks.  Our hot chocolate is dairy free too, as are the marshmallows that go on top (though they are not suitable for vegatarians).

In the summer there is dairy free coconut and dark chocolate icecream and elderflower sorbet from Your Cool in Spratton on offer!


We are very excited about being awarded our premises licence. This means we can sell alcohol from Brew as well as at our events!

So, you can now have a Pimms or a local ale on your summer walk.  Maybe a Baileys-ogato (vanilla icecream & Baileys) or Eldeseccogato (Prosecco with elderflower sorbet)? Perfect for Sunset evenings!

In winter enjoy an Irish Coffee, hot chocolate & Baileys or a mulled wine. Winter warmers on frosty days!

Seasonal Menu Variations


Obviously the dogs can’t be left out.  We have bags of treats and pupaccinos (it’s so much fun to watch them being consumed!), water is always available and we even have handy hooks on the tables to secure the pooches whilst you enjoy your treats!

Parking & Toilets

Though we want to encourage folk to get in their green exercise, and reward this positive activity with delicious treats, there is also a small amount of parking near Brew.  You are welcome to park and start a walk from Elliotts’ Rectory Farm when Brew is open.  Equally, if you’re not able to enjoy walking, you can just come and enjoy Brew for itself.  (See our map for directions).

We usually have a port-a-loo on site when Brew is open.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us.

Finally found Brew today! Absolute gem! Lovely walk 🌞. Kids have advised me it was the best hot chocolate ever! The coffee and cake was amazing too! Will def be back! 🥰

Awesome coffee, lovely cake and great service. Brilliant idea

Great coffee and cakes 🙂 Wonderful location with plenty of space to run around which our son loved - highly recommend!!

We have completed all three routes across the countryside to Brew and it’s always so lovely to have a breather, delicious latte and a sweet treat. Always a friendly welcome and I can definitely recommend the lemon drizzle cake and ginger cake in particular x

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