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At Elliotts’ Rectory Farm we are passionate about supporting local, whether that be producers, craftspeople, artists, musicians or other small businesses like ourselves.

From Brew we sell ice ceam made by Your Cool in Spratton and beer from small breweries such as Great Oakley (Tiffield) and Avalanche (Kettering) and gin from Coombes Club (Tingewick) and Warners (Harrington). Of course the treats from Brew couldn’t be more local, as they’re made on the farm!

We now hold an Artisan Market, twice a year, in the old cattle shed. We’ve got to know many fabulous local food and drink producers (and sampled their wares!) and seen the wonderful creations of local jewellers, artists, potters, woodworkers, glass workers, soap makers, weavers, and many more, on sale.

For our events, we source our meat from E. Lee & Son Butchers at Earls Barton and also hire in local streetfood vendors. On the bar we usually have casks of ale from Pot Belly Brewery in Kettering, as well as beverages from the producers mentioned above.

Local folk duo Tu-Kay & Ryan have now performed multiple times at the farm and become good friends, along with the many talented musicians they have brought along with them! We have now run two amazing Busking in the Barn events for local music talent and have listened to all sorts of instruments and genres perform on our repurposed bale-trailer stage!

We now have Bearly Organsied Mead brewing in one of our barns and very much look forward to that being a staple of what we sell. Hopefully there will soon be an ERF mead made with the honey form our own bees!

And of course there is ‘Farmonies: Choir in a Barn’, one of the Just Sing choirs led by the fabulous Ann King. A local community choir made up of people from all over the county who may or may not have any singing ability, but are living proof that singing is good for the soul!

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