Private Hire

It turns out that folks like to spend time in an authentically rustic space.  Even if that space isn’t entirely waterproof, or even very warm, at certain times of year! 

We started off by cleaning up what is now known as ‘Brew Barn’ for Brew customers to shelter from the elements. Soon folks were asking to run workshops and hold private parties in it!

A request for a space big enough to hold a barn-dance led to us cleaning up our ‘Party Barn’ and we’ve since hosted some fantastic events in it!

The layout of the farm has been adapted over the years to move cattle from place to place.  It turns out this works well for herding people too!  We can configure gates and hurdles to create different sized outdoor spaces and to link parts of the farm together if you have a very large event in mind.

You can even hire Glamp Field for your (braver) guests to camp overnight!

We will do our best to accomodate your vision of your event and work with you to make sure everyone has a fantatsic time!

Brew Barn

Brew Barn originally housed sick cattle.  When the second gazebo, that we put up for Brew customers, blew away we decided the barn could have a new purpose! 

After much pressure-washing, all traces of the previous occupants were removed and the beautiful wooden sleepers used to construct the barn were revealed.

Brew Barn has now hosted several parties, baby showers, a proposal and even a wedding!

Brew Barn itself can comfortably accomodate groups of up to 50 or 60 people, with seating.  If you hire the ERF bar (which we’ll run for you)  you also get the use of the courtyard it is situated in, increasing capacity by 50%.

At the other end of the barn is the large concrete area where Brew Caravan is usually situated.  We can use hurdles (previously used to herd the cows!) to make this outside space the size and shape you’d like for your event.  This area can also accomodate our converted bale-trailer stage for any performers you may have booked!

The Party Barn

What is now the ‘Party Barn’ originally housed the cubicles where the cows slept. It is a huge, versatile space. 

The unusual, beautiful (in our eyes), domed-roof is pre-war and can leak in heavy rain. (We know! An event space in the UK that isn’t entirely watertight isn’t for everyone, but we’re amazed at how many people think that’s part of the fun!).

The Party Barn can easily accommodate 200 folks barn-dancing, 20 picnic benches, a bale-trailer stage and a bar (which is what we’ve fitted in there at our own barn-dance events!). It has also accomodated classic cars, live bands, food trucks and gazebos.  Basically, if it can fit under the roof it can go in the barn!

Adjacent to the Party Barn is the old feeding yard. One particularly musical group of party-goers utilised this for singing around the firepits in the dark, seated on straw-bales.  Beautiful!

If hiring an area of the farm for your event is of interest, then please contact us:

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